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Grey 840 Litre Folding Large Container


Fully collapsible pallet box with 2 opening flaps and smooth easy to clean surfaces. One flap on each long & short wall provides quick and convenient access to the contents. When not in use or being returned empty, the side walls can be folded inwards to save space. Easy loading and unloading. Also stackable with optional lid. Height when folded 315mm. They give a 3:1 space saving ratio. Dynamic/Racking Capacity: 600kg. Manufactured from Virgin Polypropylene these are suitable for food use.

Additional Information

Catalog Ref K1210A
External Length 1200
External Width 1000
External Height 975
Internal Length 1130
Internal Width 930
Internal Height 815
Capacity (litres) 840
Cubic Feet No
Weight (kg) 58
Material PP
Walls Solid
Base Solid With Drainage Holes

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